Chilly nights

I finished the knitting part of my cable tweed sweater two or three weeks ago but it’s taken me the past couple of weekends to get all the seaming done. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from past projects it’s that I need good light and to take my time with finishing, otherwise I know I’ll just get impatient and end up making a stupid mistake. But after a couple of weekends of steady seaming here it is done, just needs to be washed and blocked.


It was a sunny autumn day yesterday with good light, perfect for sitting on the back step with the seaming needle, but just as I finished towards evening it suddenly turned very chilly so I put my newly finished sweater on as soon as it was done. Good news! It fits perfectly and it’s super cosy and warm.

I’m also working on the second of my “Last of Noro” socks and on the home stretch. I think these are my fifth pair of Silk Garden socks from when I went on a crazed Noro buying spree, so I think it’s now time to look around for another sock yarn to try out. I was going to head out to the the first day of the Morris & Sons sale yesterday to do just that, and also to check out their Saturday stitch’n bitch which David told me about, but I’ve come down with a head cold so decided to visit later in the week — the first day of the sale can get a bit crazy!


I need to finish these so I can get started on the second Christmas ball for May in the Merry Knitalong. I’ve knit all the balls in red and white so far but I’ve got some Christmassy green yarn ready for the next one.

And in other exciting news I think I have finally figured out the basics of crochet with the excellent Crochet step by step by Sally Harding that I picked up with a book voucher at Readers Feast in Collins Street. I had a couple of attempts at swatching while watching the Eurovision finals last weekend and then started on a simple project, the aptly named “Simple washcloth” by Erika Knight from her Crochet workshop. I’m still adding or losing a stitch at the edges sometimes, but otherwise it’s going quite well for a first attempt I think.



4 responses to “Chilly nights

  1. Hope you are feeling better Tony – have you thought about what sock yarn you want? I love the colours of the Arucania ranco multi!

    • Kate, I am now seriously in browsing mode for some new sock yarn. I did spot the Arucania and it looks very nice, have you used it yourself?

  2. Your crochet looks great! I picked up some Noro yarn last week, not realising Morris and Sons were having a sale- d’oh!

    • I got the sale email after you’d already had your yarn shop excursion, curses! I might head in later in the week or next weekend for a little browse.

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