Indian summer

The cable tweed jumper is almost finished, just in time for Winter I would have said, but we’re having a bit of an Indian Summer in Melbourne. I had a day off work yesterday and was pottering around the garden in a T-shirt and shorts.


The neckline is now finished so there’s just some seaming to go. There was a bit of mathematics involved, so I got out pen and paper to calculate out how many stitches and where to pick up at the neckline edges, allowing for a couple of extra stitches at the left shoulder which is yet to be seamed together.

Unfortunately my careful calculations didn’t save me from a stupid mistake in using the wrong size needles to knit the neckband but at least I noticed just before I cast off so it could have been worse, and I was able to rip back to the row where I had picked up and start over.

The Digger’s Club Winter Gardening catalogue arrived in the post this week, which is always inspiring, so with the ground still warm and a little rain expected tomorrow I planted some more seeds in the kitchen garden… two varieties of carrot, Early Chantenay and All Seasons, and some swede turnips, plus a pot of chives in a sunny spot by the back door. I’m also planning to put down seeds in seed trays for silverbeet, spinach, lettuce and spring onion.


It’s amazing how much you can get done just with one day off work. I also finished the first of the “last of Noro” socks.


I usually cast on for the second sock right away but I need the needles for the Merry Knitalong Christmas balls so the second sock will have to wait! There are two Christmas balls in the knitalong this month and I’ve decided to knit the first one in green and white, but my green yarn hasn’t arrived in the post box yet, so I’ve cast on for the second one which I’ll do in red and white. This is  “X’s and “O’s”, number 15 from Arne and Carlos’s 55 Christmas balls to knit.



6 responses to “Indian summer

  1. Wonderful projects Tony! Your beautiful sweater will certainly be cozy on cold days and I love the colors of your latest Noro sock.

  2. Its going to be lovely ! SO odd to hear about your Indian summer, when I only wish I were heading toward Autumn. 🙂 I think I’ll follow your blog, and relive Autumn all over again ! 😉

  3. All is busy on the yarn and gardening front! The sweater looks great. And I love that you’ll be growing turnips. I’ve only learned to appreciate them lately. And the X’s and O’s pattern is a good one. Can’t wait to see it!

    • We grew up on mashed swedes and potatoes, but I’ve never grown swedes or turnips myself so wish me luck!

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