a quiet day on Twitter

I’ve signed up to the Australia and New Zealand librarians’ 23 mobile things. Hopefully I’ll learn some new things about mobile stuff. Regular readers (hello!) who have popped by to see discussion of yarn and knitting patterns may care to skip these posts.

I’m quite late to the mobile world. Wayne and I only got our first smart phones less than two years ago when we got a deal for the very first Samsung Galaxy after the Galaxy III came out. We’re both hooked now and often tweet each other through the day. I almost never use the phone for making calls and the first time my phone rang I was so surprised that I couldn’t work out how to answer it.

twitterI did join Twitter quite a while ago though. I signed up when a former work colleague invited me to join and then she never sent a single tweet. Wayne said I should follow Yoko Ono because she always sends you a direct message to say “hello” and she did!

My Twitter account was pretty quiet until I attended the VALA library conference in Melbourne in 2010 where I met some lovely librarians at a lunchtime stitch’n bitch. I didn’t have a smart phone then of course, but I noticed everyone else busily tweeting during the conference presentations and I’d rush home and try to catch up on the Twitter conversations on my computer. That’s when I knew I was missing out and I really needed to join the mobile crowd. By the time the next VALA conference rolled around in 2012 I had my phone! It was great being able to finally join the conversation live.

Today I’ve been stuck in work meetings almost all day so I still need to catch up on what’s been happening on Twitter, but even on a quiet day like today there’s been a bit going on.

It’s interesting that my Twitter timeline subjects change through the day and night. During the day most of my timeline is from other librarians but overnight my feed mostly comes from crafty peeps I follow in the UK and USA so in the morning I check any craft news and gossip and check for any @ replies to see if there’s been a conversation during the night. I also often have some chit chat with other earlybird librarians.


I use the standard Android Twitter app on my phone. You can easily see if you have any interactions by the blue dot under the @ icon or by the Twitter icon in the alerts bar at the top of the screen. Even though it was a quiet day for me on Twitter there was a surprising amount of activity and conversation.

8723043462_617b946a8aWhile sipping my first coffee in bed I put up an Instagram  photo of our pooch Willy and I ticked the Twitter box so my Instagram comment gets posted as a tweet in my account with a link to the photo. Sometimes people comment on the photos on Instagram and sometimes they comment on Twitter. It’s lovely either way, but you’re more likely to have a conversation on Twitter.

Arriving at the station I was glad I made the 7.59 train because Twitter told me that the following 8.07 train was cancelled.

On the train I noticed a link to a knitting blog from my Twitter friend Steven and then Andrew (who I “met” on Twitter through a Twitter conversation with another knitter a while back) joined in and we ended up discussing Japanese knitting patterns, and then I found out that Andrew used to work at Morris & Sons in Sydney and I mentioned that another Twitter pal (who I now know in real life) worked at the Melbourne store and he popped into the conversation a bit later while I was stuck in a meeting.

The ticket machine at my station has been playing up the past couple of days so I tweeted them last night and I got a tweet back during the day to thank me and let me know they’d fixed it. On the train ride home I caught up with the news of the day and followed a few links to news sites. Nearing home another librarian Peter tweeted that there was a taco truck a couple of stations up the line from me – handy if I didn’t have dinner waiting for me at home! Twitter really is part of my life now.


4 responses to “a quiet day on Twitter

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  2. Wow! Twitter really works for you. I can see that. Thanks for sharing and letting us know how you use it.

  3. I loved that post Tony. I’m sure other yarny followers will too. I love Twitter and use it similarly to you. I get twitchy if I’m mot in a wifi zone! 😉

    • Me too Kate! I get Twitter use for free on my phone plan but I have to find a wifi spot for Flickr and Instagram, and Ravelry!

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