Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, day 1


Even though I am technically a day ahead of him, my Manatee Teammate Steven over at Knitting Sweaters and Sitting Still has beaten me to the punch and put up his post for day one of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week while I appear to be already two days behind. Time to catch up!


The day one challenge is to choose a team mascot. While I was tempted for a moment by the busy and industrious Team Bee, I decided that Team Manatee was where I belonged. As Steven comments, one of the qualities of the Manatee is slow, steady persistence, so even though I’m already late before I’ve even started I’ve resolved to carry on regardless and aim to get there in the end even if not quite on schedule.

Knitting wise I think I’m actually pretty fast, but I do tend to be single minded and determined, plodding on happily through endless rows of stocking stitch and rarely tempted by the siren call of new projects. I usually take on one big project too, rather than lots of small ones, so progress is slow and steady, certainly nothing flashy like Team Peacock. You often hear knitters complaining about stocking stitch, but I really do love it, the simple stitch patterns show off beautiful yarn and simple designs are usually what I’d choose to wear. While I like the process I always focus on the outcome too, the aim is usually to end up with something I’d like to wear over a challenging project, which means I’m not really cut out for Team Monkey either.

It was really the thought that I might be able to knit myself a jumper that got me started knitting in the first place. I knitted my first in 2010, a year after I learned to knit, a plain stocking stitch sweater from Bruce Weinstein’s Knits men want using 15 balls of Sirdar Eco Wool that I picked up as a bargain purchase on eBay.

The natural undyed pale grey colour is almost the colour of the manatee. I remember as I knit the jumper being a bit concerned that I wouldn’t know how to pick up the stitches of the neckline. Wouldn’t it be terrible to get to the end and not be able to finish? But it turns out picking up stitches really is no big deal, you just need good light, patience and concentration to get the job done.


The manatee also fits nicely with my watery astrology sign, Pisces… but warmer and cuddlier than a fish, a bit sleepy and slow — but in a good way — plodding and determined. Manatees are mostly herbivores too, so quite fitting for a vegetarian. Go Team Manatee!


7 responses to “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, day 1

  1. Eloquently stated. And I had to smile about your concern surrounding picking up stitches. I can’t believe that is a first sweater. It looks perfect.

  2. Amazing work Tony! Love that colour 🙂

  3. Very nice ! (I’m a manatee too)

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