at the same time

You know those knitting instructions that have you do two different things at the same time? I really should write down notes so I don’t get myself in such a tangle.


I can just about cope with decreasing at the neckline and armholes at the same time, but I was so busy concentrating on the bit about “reversing shaping” that I completely forgot about “while keeping in pattern”. It was only after casting off that I noticed I’d forgotten the cables. Bother.

Daylight saving ended last night so it is finally feeling more like autumn and the evenings are starting to draw in. We even had a sudden rainstorm today. Perfect for knitting with a cup of tea. Having finished the back and front, I  reckon I should have this chunky jumper done by the time the winter weather arrives.

Pattern: “Cable Tweed Sweater” by Erika Knight.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Chunky, colour “Denim”.


4 responses to “at the same time

  1. I’ve had this same issue. I’m tussling with “at the same time”‘s evil twin, “keeping in pattern” !

  2. what a lovely yarn colour!

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