Birthday pig

It’s supposed to be autumn, my favourite season, but it seems to be a bit late arriving in these parts and the hot summer is certainly outstaying its welcome. All in all, not the best weather for knitting, but I have finished a couple of little projects.


The first of two Christmas balls for March in the Merry Knitalong. This is number 43 from Arne & Carlos’s 55 Christmas balls to knit, a charming  Christmas pig. I’d posted on the Ravelry MerryKAL group that I was planning to knit the pig for March, because it’s my birthday month, and I was born in the Year of the Pig, and KnittingSarah very kindly decided to make it official!

I haven’t started on the second Christmas ball for March, the Greek Cross, but Martine from iMake has just finished hers in a lovely Christmassy green. I haven’t decided yet whether to branch out into some other colours or stick with the traditional red and white, but the green certainly does look nice.

My other project might also seem suitable for a northern hemisphere Christmas, but hardly for a Melbourne heatwave, but here it is done.


A pair of green tweed mittens for Adrienne Martini’s Comfort me with mittens project. Adrienne sent out the call for people to knit green mittens, as a response to the dreadful shootings in the United States, and in a link to the Christmas ball theme, to be collected and made into a Christmas tree — like this. I thought it was a great idea and I can’t wait to see pictures of the mitten tree.

I have to say though, these being my first ever mittens, that my pattern choice was not very inspired. If I’d read the pattern through to the end before I started I think I would have gone looking for a pattern to knit my mittens in the round instead of knitting them flat. For something so small there was an awful lot of seaming involved. Lovely yarn though, if a bit fragile, like knitting with spun tissues.

  • Christmas ball yarn: Millamia Naturally Soft Merino, colours Scarlet and Snow.
  • Mittens yarn: Rowan Tweed, colour Hubberholme.



6 responses to “Birthday pig

  1. Ooh, I love your pig!! And those mittens are gorgeous… Happy birthday! In our house, birthdays last a whole week but I like that you celebrate the whole month 😉


  2. I ADORE ALL OF THESE THINGS. Also, Happy Birthday! ^_^

  3. Excellent pig and mittens! Also, happy birthday! I was actually wondering if you could advise me (if you don’t mind): what do you do about knitting in the heat? Even here in a cooler climate (UK) I get into problems when knitting indoors when the central heating’s on (as it is at the moment as spring doesn’t seem to be arriving anytime soon!). I’ve noticed that when my hands, and hence the needles and yarn get warmer, the knitting gets tighter and sometimes I really struggle to knit stitches because it’s so tight – do you have any tips about what to do about this? Any advice gratefully received!

    • Thank you! I must say I only have problems knitting in the warmer weather if my hands get sweaty and luckily Melbourne isn’t usually humid. I don’t think I’ve noticed my tension changing in warm weather. Would it make a difference depending on what sort of needles you were using? I mostly use bamboo which stays cool, I can imagine that metal needles might get quite warm.

      • Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think it is my sweaty hands which are the main problem! (Sorry for tmi!) I found it was just as bad with bamboo needles. I wonder if it’s just that I knit too tightly, as I’ve tried the same pattern with .5 smaller needles and it’s been much easier.

  4. lovely! The gloves look delish

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