A reindeer and a cardigan for February


The second Christmas ball finished in KnittingSarah‘s Twelve Christmas Balls knitalong, this is number 49, a reindeer for February.

For some reason I had a lot more trouble with this one than the January snow crystal, although I think I made a better attempt at the crochet hanging loop. The reindeer had a couple of long stretches in a single colour so I had a go at weaving the long floats at the back.

With the white yarn held in my right hand and the red in my left, it was quite simple to “catch” the red yarn. Just lay the strand of red yarn across the working needle and then knit the stitch as usual with the white yarn.

It was a bit trickier finding out how to catch the white yarn but this is the technique I tracked down and it turned out to be very simple. Insert the needle and wrap the white yarn as if you’re about to knit it but don’t knit it yet. Then, wrap the red yarn as if you’re going to knit it but don’t knit it just yet either. Pull the white yarn back around and off the needle, and then knit as usual with the red yarn. Neat!

I also finished my grey tweed cardigan  and sewed on the buttons. Knit using Peace Fleece wool/mohair yarn, this is going to be super warm, more suitable for a Northern hemisphere February than late summer here.



cardigan2Christmas ball
Pattern: Arne & Carlos, 55 Christmas balls to knit
Yarn: Millamia Naturally Soft Merino, colours Scarlet and Snow

Pattern: Mariposa from a vintage booklet Patons 19 Style Knits (1959)
Yarn: Peace Fleece Worsted, colour Father’s Gray


12 responses to “A reindeer and a cardigan for February

  1. Both of these projects look absolutely fabulous! The sweater looks like it is straight off the rack. The reindeer – totally can’t tell you had any trials!

    • Thanks Sarah for the inspiration! I have realised one mistake is trying to weave the yarn at then end of the row when increasing/decreasing as the red shows through from behind. I’ll see if I have time for the February bonus angel!

      • It is so much fun and such inspiration for me to see others working on their Christmas balls. I love projects that help me pick up little tricks like when to (or not to) trap/weave yarn. Fun & educational!

  2. Oooh I love it. Just waiting for my yarn…

  3. The cardigan is quite sharp — and occupationally appropriate! I really like the pockets. Sad to say, this part of the northern hemisphere is a bit warm right now for such a cozy garment. Your ornament is perfect! That wrap/wrap/unwrap thing for catching is hard to figure out at first, but it sounds like you’ve got it down.

    • Sharp! I like that. I’m quite pleased with the pockets too and handy as well as being, as you say, occupationally appropriate. I’ve just looked again at the picture of your Christmas tree from last year. As I think I’ll only have 12 ornaments I think I’ll have to choose a more petite tree.

  4. Very handsome reindeer and cardigan! You look very dapper in it 🙂 I must order some Peace Fleece sometime soon…


    • Thanks Jules, you will love the Peace Fleece although it’s very warm indeed! I have another jumper’s worth in tweedy orange for another project later in the year.

  5. great cardigan! So you have your own Bonito Club label, well done!

    • Thanks Julia! Yes genuine “Bonito Club” labels, an inspired Christmas present from Wayne. I sewed the first one on the jumper I knitted him for Christmas 🙂

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