cable vest

I’ve finished the button band on my grey tweed cardigan today so I just need to weave in the yarn ends and attach buttons and then wash and block it and it’s done. It isn’t quite photogenic enough for a picture today though so that might have to wait until next weekend.

In the meantime I’ve cast on for the next project, a men’s cable vest from Patons Australia book 1270 Merino Totem DK Ribs & Cables featuring designs for women and men.

The yarn I’m using is Heirloom Naturals undyed “Grey Cheviot” which is, I think, discontinued. It’s a shame really since it’s a lovely rustic wool yarn, although this probably does explain why it was such a deal: $30 for a pack of ten balls from the bargain room at the Bendigo Woollen Mills.

I really should have bought two packs so I’d have enough for a jumper but I only bought one. It would easily be enough for a simple men’s vest but I’ve been tempted by some other designs.

I was initially looking at “Fairbank” by Martin Storey from the beautiful Rowan publication Dalesmen. The pattern is for Rowan Baby Alpaca, it’s even shown in a colour Cheviot, and I should have had just enough. But… it’s a very beautiful but quite complex design that would probably take me the best part of this year to complete and the thought that I might run out of yarn before the finish with no prospect of buying any more did slightly fill me with dread. So I’ve decided to defer Fairbank to another day…


So that’s when I decided on something a little simpler. Actually, that’s not quite true since I haven’t quite decided yet. There are two similar designs in the Patons book, the cable vest modelled by the dark haired gentleman on the right and a similar button version modelled by the blonde chap on the left.

I think I’m leaning towards the button version and, once again I should have just enough yarn, but in case I don’t I’m keeping my options open. Luckily the backs for the two vests are identical so I’m going to finish the back and see how much yarn I’ve got left before I make the final decision.

It’s nice to have options.


2 responses to “cable vest

  1. Nice choice. Very dapper. I’m thinking the buttoned version uses more yarn because of the band?

  2. Thanks Steven, dapper is what I’m aiming for! I think it must be the button band that requires the extra ball of yarn. Having just knit one for my cardigan it did end up being quite long!

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