Not quite one Christmas ball


This was supposed to be my first Christmas ball but I’ve run out of yarn.

It’s ok really because it’s just for practice. You might recall that I’ve signed up for KnittingSarah’s “More the Merrier” knitalong to knit one ball a month from Arne and Carlos’s wonderful book 55 Christmas balls. If all goes to plan I should have twelve knitted decorations to hang on my tree at the end of the year.

This is my first proper attempt at stranded colourwork knitting, and I confess it’s been quite tricky learning to knit with yarn held in both hands but I think I’m getting the hang of it. I had started using red and white Patons Bluebell but, while the colours were perfect, the yarn really wasn’t working out so I abandoned that and tried this one using some Rowan Felted Tweed I had left over from my 2012 Sky Scarf. Blue and pale grey might not be traditional Christmas colours but I quite like it, although sadly having run out of yarn I won’t be able to finish this one. Bother.

I had a lovely exchange on Ravelry the other day with Martine of the iMake blog and podcast who was also planning to conquer stranded colour work in 2013 and she is keen to sign up for the Christmas ball challenge too. It will be good to have a few people knitting along so we can help each other out when we get stuck! Oh, and if you haven’t been introduced to Martine’s podcast yet, please do pop over and have a listen and Sarah has a Christmas ball knitalong update on her blog too!

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13 responses to “Not quite one Christmas ball

  1. Your work looks awesome! I LOVE the color combinations! I am glad to hear the stranding is coming easier now. Can I ask, are you holding the blue in your right hand?

    • Thanks Sarah! I’m right handed and holding the main pale colour in my right hand (the way I usually knit) and the contrast colour in my left. Is that the right way? I read that one colour will be dominant but I don’t think I’ve figured that out yet!

      ps: as I’m now hunting a new yarn, can I ask how the Cascade Sport is working out for you?

      • Generally speaking the color you want to ‘pop’ – usually the design (in this case the snowflake) is held in the left. I am planning a short blog post on this when I can find some time. 🙂

      • As for the Cascade Sport, it’s actually a yarn I usually use when teaching beginning stranding. It is very easy to work with when you are just starting out with the technique and looks nice knit up. It is also available in about a million colors and is relatively inexpensive here. I love your choice of felted tweed – I may have to try that, too!

  2. It can be hard to start knitting with the other hand. It feels like you’ve had a stroke until you get the hang of it. I feel like that every time I start a two-handed project. Those colors are quite nice, and I like the “winter” background!

    • Thanks Steven, it is hard! I think I’ve finally got the tension ok by mirroring the way I usually hold the yarn. My only problem is that I never realised how much I use my left index finger to hold the stitch when I knit with my right hand and I’m trying to find a new way of doing it. The “winter” background is from the book, nothing wintry here, it’s very hot!

  3. It looks lovely- isn’t it exciting to learn stranding?! I find doing it on such a small diameter is really tough, so it’ll all be downhill from here : )

    • Thanks Jules! I am if course in awe of and inspired by your wonderful stranded knitting creations! I have quite a few vintage patterns for men’s vests, like the ones you see in Miss Marple movies, and I’d love to be able to knit one one day.

  4. Aww thanks for the mention Tony. My book should arrive today, then it’s all about choosing yarn (best bit!!)

  5. PS your snowflake looks lovely!

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