moo cards


Wayne got me these wonderful moo cards the Christmas before last with pictures he found of vintage men’s knitting patterns. As my New Zealand crafty Twitter friend Sarah said, finding great presents must be his super power!

They certainly are wonderful and there are a few patterns I wouldn’t mind actually tracking down and knitting (although perhaps not the knitted underpants and singlet combo).

My wrists are now much better following my bike accident so I have got a little knitting in over the last day or so, enough to finish the second sleeve of my grey tweed cardigan which is now washed and blocking. Just have the button band to go, and I’ve got some wooden buttons I think will look good too.

I didn’t used to block the knitted pieces before joining, following Debbie Stoller’s advice in Stitch’n bitch

Many patterns will tell you to block your knitted pieces to size before you sew them together. Pay them no mind; I don’t know a single person who does it this way.

I actually think it’s easier to block the separate pieces to the right shape and size, and it stops stocking stitch fabric from curling at the edges too, so all in all I reckon it’s worth doing.



3 responses to “moo cards

  1. Totally agree with you! It’s much easier to sew stuff together once it’s all flattened out and at the size they’re meant to be, in my opinion. I’m glad you’re all better now.

  2. Very glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better! Still impressed at you knitting things in pieces :p in the round much less scary. See you soon!

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