Twelve Christmas balls

A Christmas theme for the last day of #blog12daysxmas

55xmasballsI got this book as a gift last Christmas and was planning to try to knit at least one for Christmas just past, but didn’t get around to even buying the yarn. Swedish/Norwegian design couple Arne and Carlos have designed patterns for 55 Christmas ornaments using traditional Nordic designs.

I confess there may have been a little trepidation about starting on a stranded  colour work project, even a very small one. I did attempt colour work not long after I learned to knit, some mitts with a simple birds-eye pattern, but I  got myself in a terrible tangle before deciding in the end to just knit them plain. I was worried this was going to be like when my dad gave me a driving lesson when I was 18 and I was so traumatized that it was another twenty years before I finally got my drivers licence.

On New Year’s Day KnittingSarah posted on her blog about how the Christmas balls would make a perfect year’s knitalong project, nothing too demanding, just knit one ball a month and by Christmas you’d have twelve ornaments to decorate your tree or give as gifts.

“Well, folks, I am doing it & I’m inviting anyone and everyone to join me!”

I’m in!  This will be a great introduction to colour work knitting and I know I’ll be able to ask for advice if I get stuck, so I’m off to the shops today to find some red and white yarn. Sarah is using Cascade 220 Sport, unavailable in Australia, but I’m thinking of using Patons Bluebell if I can find a nice red and white.

If you’d like some inspiration to get started, my blog friend Steven has raised the bar even higher, he knit all 55 Christmas balls last year. There are pictures on his blog, and don’t they look fantastic!? I’m going to aim for twelve, one a month, and see how I go.

Anyone want to join in? The more the merrier.


7 responses to “Twelve Christmas balls

  1. Tanks so much for sharing! So glad to have company on this journey!

  2. Lol! *thanks*, not ”tanks” – I have a bandaid on my index finger and it is not agreeing with my touch screen!

  3. Thanks for the shout out. You’re going to love working on this — I predict no trauma. And the yarn you got looks just the right color. Can’t wait to see your progress!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Steven! I really would love to knit a stranded colour work pullover one day so this will be good practice.

  4. Hi Tony, I just found your blog via my Ravelry group. Thanks for introducing me to this book. I have just ordered it. Watch this space…! Great blog by the way. Just about to subscribe.


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