What to do with 600 yards of wool?

For day 11 of #blog12daysxmas

I am not buying any more yarn just because it’s a “bargain”! In fact I made that resolution last New Year and I think I have kept to it, but I have just one of my old bargain stashes to use up: three skeins of Naturally Naturelle 8 ply yarn in a dark grey charcoal colour.

The trouble with buying a bargain stash is that I usually don’t have enough to make what I would like to make. These are 100g skeins so I have a little under 600m of very nice wool, not enough for a vest, but I really don’t want to make a scarf or hats just to use it up. And then I thought about adding some other yarn…


I’ve been wanting to try some of the yarn from New Lanark Mills in Scotland for a while after sending away for their shade card about a year ago. They have DK, Aran and Chunky weight yarns in lovely tweeds, heathers and naturals, and the DK looks like a good match for the Naturelle.

Also, since my current New Year’s resolution is to knit through the yarn stash before I buy any more yarn, this would be a way to still get my hands on a little bit of new yarn while getting to use up some of the stash at the same time.

alvinThere are a couple of ideas in Jane Ellison’s Queensland Collection book 9. “Carey” is a cardigan knit in two colours of DK yarn and I would probably have just enough of the Naturelle for the contrast colour, but a better idea might be “Alvin”, a striped men’s vest in two colours with a contrasting stripe in a third colour.

With the charcoal Naturelle as the main colour there are several others that would work nicely and I reckon I’d only need four 50g balls for the second colour and one for the contrast stripe. At the moment I’m thinking Damson, a wine coloured tweed together with Denim, a heathery blue for the contrast stripe. Hmm….


6 responses to “What to do with 600 yards of wool?

  1. I have exactly the same problem. My stash wool is in odd amounts and I tend to start new projects where I buy the amount needed for the project. I also buy wool when there are bargains available but again I just choose random amounts and then have to find a pattern that fits that amount. I really should make a resolution this year to get rid of my stash.

    • I think it works out better for me when I start with a pattern or project idea and then look for some suitable yarn rather than the other way around. Another thing I have to get over is buying extra yarn just in case I run out. I have never once run out of yarn for a project. Looks like I’ll have two 100g skeins left over when I finish my current cardigan project!

  2. I also buy too much yarn just in case I run out! I must stop doing that. Not buying more yarn until I’ve used up what I already have sounds like a good idea.

  3. Following on from some of the above yarn stash issues, this year’s resolution is: to spend where necessary; use up what i have; and finish what i’ve started. I intend to apply this to my knitting as well as a couple of other aspects in my life. 😉 lolol Should keep me busy for a while and hopefully return a few pennies to my pocket.

  4. PS Hadn’t thought of vests. This may also solve a couple of stash issues for me. 🙂

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