Tomato-themed thrift score!

For day 10 of #blog12daysxmas


Yesterday we made a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula to visit Gay and on the way we stopped at Savers in Frankston.

A few years back we’d always score great stuff at op shops (charity shops, thrift stores) but these days it’s like all the cool people got there just before we did, so I had no expectations at all.

tomatomatic2And then I spotted the Tomatomatic! Still in the original package and unused for $2.99.

As well as tomatoes, the instructions say you can cut beetroot, potatoes and boiled eggs into “perfect vandyked shapes” so there will be some pretty fancy salad plates at our place now.

A few year back I also scored another wonderful tomato themed piece of kitchenalia, the Tomado.

Look, you can slice an entire tomato in thin slices for sandwiches all in one go!


This one came with its original packaging too which we have packed away for safe keeping, so safe in fact that I cannot find it, but I did find some pictures of old Tomado product advertising.

I had thought Tomado was just the name of my tomato slicer but, when I went searching for more info about my little gadget, I found out a lot more. Tomado was a Dutch company established in 1923 that made a whole range of kitchen products, as you can see in the picture, and they then went on to make some fab modular shelving. You can see some more pictures at Kaylovesvintage. It turns out op shopping can be very educational!


One response to “Tomato-themed thrift score!

  1. Q – Love the tomato slicer! We had one when I was growing up so I had to get one when setting up housekeeping when I ventured out into the world. 😎 Thanks for the memories!

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