The 2012 sky scarf

For day 8 of #blog12daysxmas and the first day of 2013


I finished my sky scarf on the very last day of 2012, a beautiful sunny day with clear, cloudless, bright blue skies so I got to finish with my favourite blue yarn.

The scarf is now a record of the Melbourne sky from 1 January through to 31 December 2012. It really wasn’t the best of years but it’s somehow comforting to be able to count back through the scarf to see what the sky was like the day my dad died, or for the two weeks when our little dog Willy was in hospital, or the days in September when Wayne was in hospital having surgery.

I spent the last day of the year knitting the final blue stripe before casting off and weaving in all the loose ends, a nice way to look at finishing up the old year really.


I read somewhere that a man’s scarf should be as long as you are tall. I’m about 175 cm and this scarf comes in at 230 cm so I should have stopped knitting sometime in October! It will be beautifully warm though, when the chilly weather returns.


If you’d like to do something like this for 2013, all the details are on my Ravelry page.

My scarf was knit in Rowan Felted Tweed DK held double on 5.5 cm needles.

I knit my scarf in simple garter stitch, casting on 34 stitches for a scarf 20 cm wide, and knitting one row and back every day. By knitting with the yarn held double, and by splitting each skein in half, you can choose to knit each day’s stripe in two strands of the same colour or combine two different shades.

I carried all the yarn up the side, wrapping at each right side row, and it really looks pretty neat. Snipping and starting with new yarn every time you change colour really doesn’t bear thinking about. I think at the end I had about eight yarn ends to weave in.

I used two skeins of bright blue Maritime, two of paler Duck Egg, two of pale blue-grey Scree, one of palest grey Clay and a little dark grey Dragon that I had left over from another project. If I’d thought of it, some hazy purple-grey Horizon would have been lovely too. Each skein of Felted Tweed has 175 m and I ended up using almost all of it, this is all I had left over…


If you do decide to knit yourself a sky scarf in 2013 let me know, and good luck!


28 responses to “The 2012 sky scarf

  1. that is lovely, I’d planned to do a sky scarf in 2012 but didn’t manage to get started due to illness, but I fully intend to knit one in 2013. I’ll blog my progress 🙂

  2. Hi Tony,

    It’s such a beautiful scarf. I’m starting today. Can you please explain how you carry the yarn up the side? I don’t understand how this works.


  3. That is a fabulous achievement for 2012, tony! Surely it is cool enough today to have a photo modeling it?

  4. Wonderful to see the finished scarf. What a great way to record a year in one’s life. That looks like an awfully long stretch of gray winter in the middle, though I love the cheery blue summery ends.

    • Thanks Steven! There was a bit of winter grey in the middle but we finished with bright blue skies and same today for the first of the new year.

  5. Utterly beautiful!

  6. So simple and so beautiful!

  7. It must have been very satisfying to sew in the ends. It looks lovely and the extra length will keep you warm in winter.

  8. It’s lovely, and such a good idea!

  9. Hey – it looks great finished. Now just have to wait for winter (or fly to Helsinki!)

  10. Q – Great idea! Beautiful scarf! Have you seen My Year in Temperatures Scarf by Dristen Cooper on Raverly? It’s along the same line but based on temperature. Another good stash buster!

    • Kristen Cooper? I just popped over to Ravelry to take a look! I saw also someone had made a scarf following the changing colours of her maple tree which was amazing, but I forgot to note who it was.

      • Q – OOOH, that sounds beautiful. Hum, I live in San Diego so we’d have a difficult time with that one. 😎 OOPS, didn’t notice the type. Sorry.

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