Grey tweed cardigan

For day 6 of #blog12daysxmas


the cardigan fronts finished

Some of you might remember this yarn from a previous project which didn’t work out but I am now full steam ahead on my current big project, my first cardigan. With pockets!

The yarn is Peace Fleece Worsted in “Father’s Gray”, a beautiful yarn full of character made from wool and mohair in a charcoal colour with flecks of green and brown. The Peace Fleece web site describes this colour as “dependable, practical and beautiful… it’s named after Marty’s Dad, who died at the age of 99 in 2008.”

The yarn does feel a bit rough when knitting but becomes softer after washing and, fortunately for me, it copes brilliantly with being frogged and reknit several times.

I’ve chosen a vintage pattern “Mariposa” from a Patons Australia pattern book Style knits that I think was published around 1959, the year I was born! All the patterns in the book are named after the ships that sailed to Australia at that time, some of the ships that I visited as a youngster.

mariposaI used to look up the ships that were due in port and then write to the P&O offices in Collins Street asking for a boarding pass to visit the ships because “my wife and I were thinking of going on a cruise” and then, boarding passes in hand, I’d wag school and take the train down to Port Melbourne. I got to go aboard the Arcadia, Oronsay and Chitral before P&O probably realised that they were dealing with a 15 year old schoolboy and the game was up.

My cardigan pattern is named for the liner Mariposa that sailed across the Pacific from San Francisco to Sydney via Hawaii, probably not a voyage that would require a grey tweed cardigan.


5 responses to “Grey tweed cardigan

  1. love the pattern and laughing my head off at the schoolboy antics ;D

  2. What a great, great story!

  3. I used to go onboard visiting passenger ships when i was a kid too!
    I particularly liked the Royal Viking Line at the time – very swish and sophisticated. Got lost on the Canberra and almost missed getting off in time before sailing. Did get to travel on it in later life though. I still enjoy ocean travel to this day. Could be very relaxing sitting on deck looking out to sea and knitting… (I can dream can’t I?) 🙂

    • I never saw the Royal Viking ships in real life, I don’t think they sailed to Melbourne. When did you sail on the Canberra? We sailed from Melbourne to the UK for a holiday in 1966. You may even have visited the actual Bonito Club 🙂

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