A Bonito Club original

For day 5 of #blog12daysxmas


What a super Christmas present! Wayne got me a pack of 50 of these custom labels from It’s Mine! to sew in my knitting projects. I sewed the first one in the jumper I knitted for him for Chrismas.

Not being much of a sewist (I think people write that these days instead of “sewer” because that word looks like, well, a sewer) I consulted another of my Christmas presents, June Hemmons Hiatt’s The Principles of knitting to find out the best way to attach the labels to the jumper.

The author recommends hemstitch to attach woven fabric to knitting so that’s what I did. After folding over and pressing the ends of the labels I stitched through the purl bumps of the knitting, just catching the edges of the label. Quite neat, for me anyway, and no danger of any of the stitches showing through on the outside.


6 responses to “A Bonito Club original

  1. They’re wonderful!! I’ll have to be buying some for my projects- thanks!

  2. Very nice to have set up your own label! When will the retail outlet come?

  3. They look fantastic 🙂

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