Linen stitch bookmark

For day 2 of #blog12daysxmas


This is a great little knitting project and gift idea, the “Linen stitch bookmark” from Joelle Hoverson’s More last minute knitted gifts.

The pattern recommends Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, which does look gorgeous, but I made this bookmark with some leftover Noro Silk Garden sock yarn. I do love linen stitch, the way it looks almost woven on the front side, but even the rear has a lovely seed stitch effect and both sides show off variegated yarn beautifully.

If you think of it, a book mark is really just like a tiny tiny scarf so you could easily come up with other ideas for stitch patterns. Like a scarf, you just need something that will sit flat and with yarn light enough to easily slide inside the pages of a favourite book.


4 responses to “Linen stitch bookmark

  1. Lovely Tony. I’ve made a few in the past with very fine cotton thread, using, wait for it, size 20 needles! Keep the posts happening!

    • Size 20!? For this one I cast on 11 stitches and used 3.5 mm needles which means you could easily knit one up in an evening.

  2. I do sincerely genuinely for serious love this.

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