The New York Christmas tree

wpid-2012-12-24-17.13.15.jpgFor day 1 of #blog12daysxmas

When we got down some of the Christmas trees (yes, plural) to put up this year I found this small beautiful 1960s silver tree that I have no memory of ever buying, but I somehow must have. I would have put it on a base of Christmas snow but it’s sitting on top of the Foxtel box so the snow would probably cause “technical issues”.

We’ve decorated this little tree mainly with souvenirs from our trip to New York a couple of years ago.

There are a couple of special ornaments picked up at the Jonathan Adler store in Soho. But, wait, there’s more… Pee Wee Herman Christmas decorations!


Being huge Pee wee fans we’d booked tickets to see the Pee Wee Herman Broadway show, actually a little off Broadway at the Stephen Sondheim Theater on West 43rd Street. It was amazing, and after the show we queued up at the gift shop for the souvenirs but we passed on the Christmas decorations. What were we thinking?

The very next night we had to plead with the doorman at the theatre to let us back in so we could buy them and, as you can see, we did.


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