First day of summer

jumperYesterday was the first day of summer and I spent it incongruously knitting a pullover in chunky Donegal tweed, although the yarn was at least sunshine yellow.

I wanted to get the second sleeve finished, and it’s done! All the pieces are washed and blocked and are safely tucked  away until next weekend when I’m planning to knit the collar ribbing and then join it all together.

We’re having a staff development day tomorrow and I wanted to have a small project to take on the train, and also something for our library stitch’n’bitch on Tuesday, so I cast on for another Noro sock. Isn’t this a great colour!?


The cuff has started out quite restrained for Noro with sage greens and naturals, but not for long… there is turquoise, purple and even a dash of magenta coming up soon. As always with Noro, you’d think that sage green and turquoise and purple couldn’t possibly work together but I’m pretty sure they’ll be beautiful in the end.


Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock, colour 321.



2 responses to “First day of summer

  1. You’re such a sweater machine! I’m still only about 10 inches up from the hem of the one I started ages ago. Granted, I couldn’t find where I’d packed it for a while, but still…

    Those first colors are divine! When I saw the pic, I was like “ooooh, what’s that yarn!?” and I did a double take when I realized it was Noro. I shouldn’t be that surprised, they do have some lovely, more subtle colorways, but not usually in the sock yarns. Very nice!

    • Thanks Mister! The secret to a fast sweater is chunky yarn…

      I love the cuffs of these socks but, having said that, the toes ended up a rather startling purple and pink. I don’t mind too much because the gorgeous sage greens will be poking out over the top of my shoes, and Wayne quite likes the pink anyway.

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