socks, socks, socks

Or why not to kitchener stitch using black sock yarn at night.

I finished my Socktober sock on the very last night of October, but I really would have been better off ignoring my self impose deadline.

I know Noro is famous for bright colours, but the end of this particular skein of Noro sock yarn was deepest black, very beautiful, but probably not the best yarn with which to attempt grafting a sock toe late at night.

Unfortunately I must have messed up somewhere because I ended up with a hole, which I darned, but this particular stretch of yarn was especially thick so my sock had a little uncomfortable bump right at the end.

There really are some tasks better left to weekend daytime where you can see properly.

Anyway, after wearing a couple of times I decided to do what I should have done. I waited for a bright and sunny Saturday morning, ripped out the toe…

…and then reknit and grafted it again (always save your leftover scraps of sock yarn for just such emergencies!)  The sock is now fixed and in the wash with the other hand knits.

I’ve also got two more skeins of Noro Silk Garden Sock just arrived and ready to go! These are colours 289 and 321.


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