Off the needles: textured vest and socks

Just a short post to record the fact that I’ve finished a couple of projects!

First the textured vest, a design by Erika Knight from her wonderful book Men’s knits, which I knit in Rowan Felted Tweed Aran (16 stitches to 10 cm on 5.0 mm needles).

The colour is Sea salter, a tweedy blue with flecks of white that has a slight lavender hue. This is quite a warm vest but luckily we had one chilly Spring morning so I got to wear it to work for one day. I think now though I’ll be packing it away until next Autumn.

The yarn was pure delight to work with and, although I haven’t worn it much, I’m not expecting any pilling. One thing though… the pattern is written for Rowan Summer Tweed and I calculated I’d need eight skeins of Felted Tweed but I’ve got almost two skeins left over. Would a vest with a matching hat look weird?

The pattern is very well written and includes instructions on fully fashioned decreases, although it was strange that the integral neckband is grafted at the left front. I had never attempted to graft ribbing before and it isn’t easy to find instructions (I finally found some in Frederica Patmore’s The Knitting book but I’m not sure I was entirely successful). If I was to knit this pattern again, I think I’d move the graft to the back where any wonky stitches would be less obvious.

Noro socks on my train ride to work

Also finished, a smaller project! Another pair of Noro Silk Garden socks. I divided the skein into two so I could match the colour repeats, but there was a knot and a colour change so I just arranged skeins for the cuffs to match and the mismatched colours are tucked safely inside my shoes.


7 responses to “Off the needles: textured vest and socks

  1. I’ve never knit socks with Noro Silk Garden-do the heels not wear through very quickly?

    • It’s the sock version of Silk Garden so it has 25% nylon, and I knit them quite tightly on 3.0 mm needles. This is my third pair and they’ve worn well so far. The only problem I’ve had with another pair was a very thin strand of yarn near the toe wore through so I had to darn that bit.

  2. Looks good! I don’t see why a hat would be a bad thing 🙂

  3. I love the vest — and the shirt you paired it with in the photo. Looks very smart! I really love that Rowan Felted Tweed.

  4. Very impressive. I must start knitting again. Cheers

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