a visit to Adelaide and a shawl

I spent most of last week in Adelaide for some work meetings. I like Adelaide a lot, the wide tree lined streets and squares, and the very English sounding street names. Unfortunately the city council seems to delight in tearing down some of the lovely old buildings. The hotel in which both Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Mark Twain stayed when they visited Adelaide is now a multi storey car park with a Hungry Jacks fast food outlet on the ground floor.

We used to go to Adelaide for summer holidays when I was a kid, staying in Glenelg by the sea and travelling into town on the tram. The old Coles store where we’d have lunch in the cafeteria is still there although it’s now a nondescript shopping mall, which is at least better than the old John Martins department store which has been replaced by a ghastly new David Jones (although even that pales by comparison with the new Myer, which is possibly the ugliest building I’ve ever seen).

The beautiful 1960s former David Jones store with the bas relief of “Progress” on the facade is still there but is looking a bit sad and its major tenant Harris Scarfe is destined to move into yet another new building under construction across the road.

I took a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn with me as my travelling project but I ended up ripping it out when I got home and I’ve restarted it because all the best colours would have ended up inside my shoes. This skein (colour 47) doesn’t have a regular colour repeat so I’ll just try to get the cuffs to more or less match up so they look like they’re a pair.

I’ve also been knitting away on some big projects and last weekend finished the  Hypoteneuse shawl. I think it turned out quite nicely, although it was only when blocking it that I noticed a small mistake in one of the lines of ribbing and I’m thinking I could fix it with some duplicate stitch.

The pattern recommends five skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed DK. There are 18 pattern repeats and I only broke into the fifth skein near the end of the last repeat, so if you don’t mind a slightly shorter shawl you could actually get away with four skeins and just do 17 repeats. I’m thinking of using my green left over Felted Tweed for the scarf version.

I’ve also just finished my textured vest and it’s soaking now ready to be blocked later. Pity it’s turning warm, I need a chilly Spring day so I can wear it.


4 responses to “a visit to Adelaide and a shawl

  1. One of the beauties of a Melbourne spring is its unpredictability- hopefully you will have a chance to wear it!

  2. Your shawl blocked out beautifully!

    • Thanks Steven, it did! I used the Yarn Harlot’s “blocking without blocking wires” technique which turned out great, and was also finally a use for that horrible orange cotton yarn I had somehow purchased.

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