a vest, a shawl and tofu burgers

I’ve been knitting quite a bit over the past few weeks but with not much to show because I’m working on two big projects: my Textured Vest and the  Hypoteneuse shawl.

Wayne went into hospital this time last week – for spinal surgery – which sounds scary, but all is now looking good and he’s recovery well. I’ve been home on carer’s leave this past week so have at least got a bit of knitting progress done and am on the home stretch for both projects. Very exciting!

This is the Hypoteneuse shawl by Ann Hanson which I’m knitting as a memory shawl for my Dad to give to his wife Gay. I’m hoping to get it finished by what would have been his birthday in late October and it looks like I’ll make it! I’m on the 16th of 18 pattern repeats (although at this rate I’m going to have a skein of yarn left over so I might just keep going to use it all up).

The yarn is my old favourite Rowan Felted Tweed in Camel, a warm pale brown with a hint of pink and flecks of blue, black and white. It’s my first project involving any attempt at lace but I like how it’s quite architectural. (Some of my edge stitches are a bit wonky so I’m hoping they’ll smooth out with blocking.)

Also… I’ve got almost three skeins of Felted Tweed in dark green Pine left over from my Tony Bonner jumper that I’ve been wondering what to do with, so I might start on the scarf version after I’ve finished the shawl.

Also in progress… the back and half the front are done of the Textured Vest, a pattern by Erika Knight from her book Men’s knits, the first knitting book I ever bought, long before I learned to knit and possibly the inspiration for learning. This is also Rowan Felted Tweed, but the Aran weight, in tweedy blue Sea Salter. This is going to be a toasty warm vest, and the weather is getting warmer, so I might be waiting until Autumn next year to wear it.

My friend Em tweeted last week that it was World Vegetarian Day. We’re vego anyway but it inspired me to make the classic tofu burgers for Wayne’s hospital-at-home lunch. A couple of people asked, so here’s the recipe.

Here’s what I used

  • 300g of firm tofu
  • 1/2 cup cashews
  • 1/2 cup sunflower seeds
  • 1 egg (free range, obvs)
  • 1/2 cup or so of breadcrumbs (I wizzed up the end of a sourdough rye loaf before I started on the burger mix)
  • flavourings of your choice (I went with Japanese style)

Wizz everything in a food processor until well chopped and combined, then put in the fridge for a half hour before forming into six burgers. I dunked the patties in almond milk, then a mix of quinoa crumbs and sesame seeds before pan frying. I don’t think they really needed the egg to hold together so I might leave that out next time.


6 responses to “a vest, a shawl and tofu burgers

  1. Those look great. And the yarn is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I can just feel that felted tweed running through my fingers. Definitely one of my favorites. Best wishes for Wayne’s speedy recovery.

  3. Glad that Wayne is doing well and recovering after surgery…must be getting great care at home! Wonderful knitting as always!!!

  4. Hi Annandeep, thanks for your message but I’m afraid we don’t own the rights. These are scans from old books.

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