Small things

Do you ever get completely exasperated with a stash of beautiful yarn that you just can’t work what to do with? I’ve been like that with my sweater’s worth of Peace Fleece Worsted. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve knitted half the back of something before deciding the pattern just wasn’t right.

I think it’s partly because it’s such a lovely yarn and I want to be sure to find a project that’s just right. So, I decided to put the Peace Fleece away for a while and went looking for some smaller projects.

Inspired by Kate’s sock class and knitalong, I finished my second Noro Silk Garden socks based on the first pair I knit a while back, and using some calculations from Ann Budd’s Getting started knitting socks. As I knit these top down and I wanted to get the colour changes to line up, I wound each skein into two balls, matching the starting colours. I’m quite pleased with how these turned out and this time I’ve got my notes so I can easily do more of these.

Wayne wore them the very next day after I’d finished them and declared them very comfy.

I also decided one day last week that I was going to teach myself to crochet and make a dish cloth. I got some Coton-A yarn, my Debbie Stoller Happy hooker book and watched some Youtube videos, but after getting the starting chain done I’m afraid I got myself in a terrible tangle. I’m also not sure that cotton/acrylic is the best yarn for a total newbie to learn with.

So, having resolved to defer crochet to another day, I decided to use the yarn for a knitted wash cloth using a pattern for utility cloths from Michael del Vecchio’s Knitting with balls. I made the basketweave wash cloth, and very handsome it is too, although I added an i-cord hanging strap for practicality. I should have enough left yarn left to try at least one of the other two designs.


5 responses to “Small things

  1. The socks look so cosy.

    • We are going to get Willy from the hospital this morning to bring him home! Vet said he is “bright and cheerful”. Thanks for asking 🙂

  2. So happy to hear that Willy is happy and well! I’m going to try that dishcloth idea — I especially like the I-cord addition.

    • Thanks Steven, Willy has spent his first night at home. He’s on about a dozen different meds for the next week, the vet suggested an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all. I don’t know how nurses do it.

      Let me know how you go with your dish cloth.

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