Toerag the Tube Mouse

A while back I knitted Cooey the Pigeon from Lauren O’Farrell’s marvelous book Stitch London. We’ve been watching a BBC series on the London Underground which inspired me to knit another of Lauren’s little critters, this time an antipodean cousin to Toerag the Tube Mouse.

I actually had a small amount of Morris Estate yarn in a grey brown colour called “Mouse”, which would have been delightfully appropriate, but I wasn’t sure I quite had enough so I knit Toerag in some other Morris Estate colours, pale grey “Building” and pink “Tulle”.

I might take Toerag for a ride on a Melbourne Metro train when I go back to work next week.



4 responses to “Toerag the Tube Mouse

  1. This is soooo cute, well done

  2. Excellent mouse! I must look that book up.

  3. could someone explain how to skp, turn- I get the turn and if i am just not knitting the stitches before the turn I end up with 17 stitches instead of 16- what am i not getting??? what a great mouse-can’t wait to finish him and many more!!!

  4. please ignore previous comment…i got it -going to finish Tourag

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