Blokey beanies

Thanks to Kate who pointed me to Jess’s 100 Beanie Drive. Jess’s dad has cancer and is doing chemo so Jess suggested he look at some of the hats, scarves and mittens that some lovely people had donated to the hospital.

” A few weeks back, he complained to me ‘there’s just not much in there for blokes, you know?’.

And that got me thinking.”

…that maybe there wasn’t quite enough for men going through cancer treatment and chemo.

” I don’t know… but what I DO know is that I want every cancer patient that comes through that room to find something for themselves in that box.”

So, Jess has started a drive to get 100 knitted beanies, scarves and mittens in understated unisex colours suitable for a man or a woman, so there really will be something for everyone who needs one.

I think it’s a lovely idea so I went through the stash last night and have cast on for a manly grey beanie with stripes in subtle masculine colours — although I hope it might look quite nice on a woman too.

beanie in progress

Pattern: Turn a Square by Jared Flood (free pattern)

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter “Soot” and Noro Silk Garden “47”

Update: Finished!


3 responses to “Blokey beanies

  1. Wonderful cause! If I can brave my 100+ degree garage, I may sift through my stash and join in 🙂 Not sure if I’ll make the July deadline though since I’m here in the U.S., but I imagine they’ll take them anyway!?!?

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