The obligatory gratuitous pet photo post

for the last day of blogjune

Back in January Anne invited me to join the Friday photos group on Flickr. Every week there is a theme and we have until Friday to post at least one, and up to three, photos on that theme. It’s been a great challenge and really gets you looking for things you mightn’t otherwise have seen, plus I’ve met some lovely Flickr peeps.

Of course, some themes are easier than others, but the easiest was probably week 25 “Pets”. Here are my three photos for that week of our boys Willy and Kuma.

At the end of 2007, after our old dogs Robbie and Charlie had died, we headed off to Japan for a holiday and the day after we got home I spotted these two on the Lost Dogs Home web site. We went straight down and brought them home.

When we got home we took them out into the garden and Willy immediately disgraced himself by jumping in the fish pond.

Unlike Willy, Kuma doesn’t like the water. When they went to stay at their “pet resort” when we went to New York we paid for swimming sessions but only Willy would go in the pool. Apparently Kuma just ran around the edge.

(It’s probably worth pointing out that while the doggie holiday accommodation had a pool, our New York hotel didn’t.)

We still don’t know how they found each other. The people at the Lost Dogs Home thought they hadn’t come from the same house but had found each other while out roaming the streets and they became best buddies so they wanted to find someone to take them together.

And here they are.


7 responses to “The obligatory gratuitous pet photo post

  1. What swell dogs! So glad they found each other — and you.

  2. They look like real characters.

  3. They are….simply wonderful. I’m so glad they found their forever-home with you and W.

  4. Ahh, cute dogs! I haven’t been doing very well with the Friday Photos recently. I’ll try and do one this week!

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