Peace fleece

for day 29 of blogjune

I’ve had six skeins of Peace Fleece Father’s Gray in the stash for quite a while now. There are 200 yards of 12 ply yarn to a skein so six skeins should have been enough for the cardigan I was planning, but after doing about half the back I was thinking it might end up a bit snug and I might need to go up a size… which would mean I didn’t have quite enough yarn. Drat.

With yarn, as with many things in life, it’s wise to have a little extra on hand, and luckily I tracked down one more skein (in the same dye lot!) and it arrived in the post this week.

Now I just have to decide whether to start over with the cardigan or think about what else I can make with seven skeins. More possibilities!

Like the Manos del Uruguay that I posted about yesterday, Peace Fleece has a great story.

“The Peace Fleece offices are in a barn on a sheep and horse farm in the small, rural town of Porter in the foothills of southwestern Maine. Peter Hagerty and his wife Marty Tracy started buying wool from the Soviet Union back in 1985 in hopes that through trade they could help diffuse the threat of nuclear war. Since then Peter has journeyed through eastern Europe, central Asia and the Middle East in search of farmers and shepherds who are willing to set aside historic enmities in exchange for opportunities leading to mutual understanding and economic interdependence.”

My colour Father’s Gray is described as “dependable, practical and beautiful… it’s named after Marty’s Dad, who died at the age of 99 in 2008.” I also used to knit my own Dad some socks for his last birthday before he died, so I feel like there’s a special yarny connection too.


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