Son of stitch’n bitch

for day 23 of blogjune

This is the fifth of six small book reviews of men’s knitwear designs.

Debbie Stoller’s Stitch’n bitch was the first knitting instruction book I bought, soon after my friend R. had taught me to cast on. A little while later I added Son of stitch’n bitch to my knitting book shelf.

The book is aimed more at women who knit for men than men who knit, but the style of writing doesn’t exclude male knitters, which is refreshing. There are some introductory chapters on getting the measurements right and choosing a style for a man, and then it’s on to the patterns.

There are 45 projects including jumpers, scarves, hats, socks, even a couple of neckties by a range of male and female designers (including a neat pullover design by Ms Stoller herself). The designs are often kind of quirky and hipsterish, but there are plenty of classic designs too.

Have I knit anything from the book?

Yes! I knitted the Antlers Scarf by Micah P. Dammeyer in Artesano Aran which I absolutely love. It’s great for keeping the wind out when walking home from the station on a winter’s night

You can also hear an interview with Debbie Stoller talking about Son of stitch’n bitch in the first episode of the sadly discontinued Y-Knit podcast. Have a listen!


3 responses to “Son of stitch’n bitch

  1. Interesting to hear you found this useful, I’ve never looked through it, but some of the reviews I’ve heard made me think it wouldn’t be one to look at. Your scarf looks nice and warm (it’s currently freezing in my house).
    Enjoying these reviews 🙂

    • I’ve read that there are a few errata so I’d be careful if I started on a jumper! There is one I like, knit with Noro Silk Garden and a plain yarn held double so the Noro colours get toned down a bit. Very nice!

  2. I always think its funny how some patterns catch your eye and others don’t. There must be a lot of hit and miss in the design world.
    So far, the only thing i’ve knitted from this book is… you guessed it, the Antler Scarf. I hope one day to do Cable Guy (i’ve had the yarn there for years). There are a couple of others (which coincidentally also feature Noro) that i quite like but are not high priority.

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