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for day 22 of blogjune

I’m taking a short break in my men’s knitting book reviews because I was home sick yesterday with a cold. It was also cold and rainy, perfect old school murder mystery weather. I do love all the Marple movies, especially the 1960s ones with Margaret Rutherford which are also good for spotting period knitwear!

They are also good for spotting fictional books that never were. In Murder she said! Miss Marple witnesses a murder through her train carriage window just as she has just woken from reading Death has windows. If only it was a real book, sounds perfect for reading on a rainy day.

When the police don’t believe her story she enlists the help of her gentleman friend – and librarian! –  Mr Stringer to locate the body and prove that she’s not the dotty old bat the police seem to think she is. Of course, it’s the knowledge our intrepid sleuth has obtained through many years of reading classic crime novels such as The Hat rack hanging (another great title!) that spurs them on.

Miss Marple lands a post as an unlikely housemaid, arriving with a set of golf clubs at Ackenthorpe Hall where she sets out to find the body and where, two murders later, she unveils the murderer. It’s all jolly good fun and, if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you keep it on your DVD shelf for the next rainy day.



7 responses to “fictional books

  1. What an eye for detail you have.
    I love Rutherford’s Marple. Very much my benchmark.
    Apparently she came to acting and film quite late in life (and did i read once that Mr Stringer was her husband in real life?). She always seems to have a network and a history that puts her right in the middle of things… even to the extent of her equestrian skills (which film was that?). Always a good
    English chuckle to be had.
    The weather is shocking here at the moment, grey and windy. Think i might head up to the video store… 😉

    • Yes, Stringer Davis was her husband, they got hitched quite late in life. It was “Murder at the Gallop” where Margaret Rutherford as Miss Marple got to show off her equestrian skills. Terrible weather down here too, I might need to watch another Marple film on the weekend!

  2. Hope your cold is going away for you!

  3. Miss Marple update: Sadly, i was unable to obtain DVDs from our local store the other evening. Had to end up watching whatever was on Free to Air – can’t have been memorable because i can’t tell you what it was.
    Will have to go further afield in search MR’s Marple. May even have a look on line to see if it’s possible to buy the set.

    And speaking of old school murders…
    Someone was murdered in the castle at the end of our street last week.
    I didn’t find out about it until days later (a friend messaged me). The media has gone very quiet so i can’t tell you whether or not the murderer has been found yet.

  4. Oooh, I much prefer a cosy murder on the screen or in a book than in real life. Wayne got me the box set of the four Margaret Rutherford Miss Marples for Christmas a couple of years ago, I think I’ve seen them at JB if you want to get them. I think you should!

  5. My box set of Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple DVDs arrived in the post today. I’m now looking forward to a cosy wet weekend. 😉

    No news on our local crime. We may have to employ the services of Miss Marple… lol 😉

    • Sounds perfect! I’ve just ordered the BBC Radio Miss Marples to listen to on my iPod on the train ride to work 🙂

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