Classic knits for men

for day 20 of blogjune

This is the third of six small book reviews of men’s knitwear designs if you’re a man who knits, or you knit for a man (or both!).

Classic knits for men is published by Rowan and features 27 designs by Martin Storey and Wendy Baker covering everything a man might need on a trip to the rugged North Devon coastline where the beautiful photographs were shot: jumpers, jackets, cardigans, vests, hats, socks, and scarves.

I’d probably be tempted to knit almost every design in the book except that the sizes are HUGE!

The smallest designs are to fit a 40 inch chest, which I unfortunately don’t have but worse, the designs also have a lot of ease so often the smallest size ends up being close to a 50 inch chest which would look, frankly, ridiculous on me. How disappointing. One day when I’m a big knitter I might try to resize the patterns but until then I just get out the book and gaze wistfully at the beautiful photographs.

Have I knit anything from this book?

Yes! I’ve knit two of the striped beanies (which is how my Rowan Felted Tweed addiction started). I’m going to try the stranded birds-eye pattern socks one day.


2 responses to “Classic knits for men

  1. The first project i knitted when i resumed knitting after about a twenty-five year break came from this publication – Plain Guernsey.
    I liked the simplicity of the pattern and the yarn i chose. What i didn’t like (and i didn’t realise this until having completed the project) was the neckline. I do not suit or feel comfortable in this style of neckline. I therefore didn’t wear this jumper as much as i would have liked to. I’ve also lost a lot of weight since knitting this… It now looks like a sack on me and this week was put in the charity bag. But i did like the jumper itself. If i had the skill (and time and motivation) i would knit this again with a different neckline. There is not all that much more in the book that i can see myself knitting, but it is photographed beautifully and lovely to just look at – which i do on a regular basis 😉

  2. It’s all learning isn’t it? For my first jumper, I didn’t like the collar (too wide) or the sleeves (too big, my sister in law asked if it was an 80s pattern) but when I look at the picture in the book it’s exactly how mine turned out. I just didn’t know enough then to see what the problems were.

    I think it’s ok too to let some things go, because they are no longer suitable, or maybe never were, but you learn from that for next time.

    I haven’t attempted stranded colouwork yet and I thought the birds-eye pattern socks or mitts might be a good small project. One day!

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