Knitting with balls

for day 19 of blogjune

This is the second of six small book reviews of men’s knitwear designs if you’re a man who knits, or you knit for a man (or both!).

I bought Knitting with balls by Michael del Vecchio pretty soon after I learned to knit

It’s a fun book with 22 patterns, a few pullovers, plus quite a lot of smaller projects. I’m not sure the jumpers are for me though, but I keep meaning to knit some of the smaller designs, might be good for stash busting.

I’d actually quite like to knit the jumper on the cover but there’s no pattern for it in the book!

Have I knit anything from the book?

Sort of… I started the Hiking boot socks but I was a total newbie knitter at the time and had no clue what I was doing so it was a bit of a failure. It wasn’t a great yarn choice either. I’ve knit a few pairs of socks since, so I should probably give it another go


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