Men’s knits by Erika Knight

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I’ve got five books of men’s knitwear designs, plus one more I’m planning to get, so this is the first of six small reviews. If you’re a man who knits, or you knit for a man (or both!) I hope these reviews are helpful.

Usually in knitting books you’re lucky to get just one jumper and one scarf design for a man, and you’re even luckier if you actually like them, so I’m always on the hunt for books of men’s knitwear designs.

The first knitting book I ever bought, a good couple of years before I even learned to knit, was Men’s knits: a new direction by Erika Knight.

I really like the designs in this book which are classic but modern at the same time. There are sixteen designs for jumpers and cardigans, plus two vests, two hats and two scarves. In the introduction the author talks about her work as a menswear designer, and I think her design approach shows. A few of the patterns are definitely for the younger man, but most are classic designs suitable for men of any age. That’s certainly shown by the range of models in the photos, men of all ages and builds, plus there’s one very cute dog!

Sizings run from S (to fit 92 cm chest) to XXL (to fit 112 cm chest) although most of the designs are loose fitting so you might want to go down a size if you want something more fitted. The patterns mostly recommend British yarns, especially Rowan and Debbie Bliss, but it’s pretty easy to find substitutes.

Have I made anything from this book?

Yes! I recently made the Striped Scarf in the recommended Rowan Baby Alpaca yarn which is just beautiful. I also started the Textured Vest but didn’t finish it, not because of anything wrong in the pattern, but more because I didn’t like the yarn choice and I still have it on my list of patterns to knit some day.


2 responses to “Men’s knits by Erika Knight

  1. I’ve knitted two items from this publication (and would like to knit more).
    The first was the Textured Vest. I liked the pattern, but just don’t think i am a vest person. Consequently i’ve never worn it. Funnily enough, i didn’t end up liking the yarn i chose all that much either – it was what i had at hand and i liked the colour. I think my taste has also changed since this project with regard to yarns preferences.
    My second knit from the book was the Shawl Collar Cardigan. I love it and the yarn used – Rowan Big Wool. I have worn it numerous times. I always have issues with regard to size. I knitted the small and am glad i did.
    There are many more from this publication i would like to knit.

  2. I saw your picture of the textured vest and liked it, it’s quite a bright turquoise colour though! Actually I think I am a vest person, probably more suitable for Melbourne weather, chilly spring and autumn mornings.

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