The Social Network Scarf

a scarf idea for blogjune day 16

I’ve been working on my sky scarf since New Year’s day and I’m going to keep going until the end of the year, adding a row each day to record the colours of the Melbourne sky. Here’s another neat idea, the social knitwork scarf! It’s the second in a series of conceptual knitting projects by Lea Redmond.

“Most knitting patterns call for yarn, needles, and familiarity with abbreviations such as CO, K2tog, and St st. Typical patterns might even ask you to keep track of alternating colors on a grid. The Conceptual Knitting patterns you’ll find here are creatures of an entirely different sort.” ~ Lea Redmond

In the social knitwork scarf you use your network of friends from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your blog and ask them to pick a colour and tell you why. Then you knit those colours into your scarf in the order you get tweets or comments. Lea suggests using four colours, but it’s really up to you. Think of the fun you can have!


7 responses to “The Social Network Scarf

  1. Interesting idea. I like 55 which breaks that rule that we learnt as children – blue and green should never be seen together.

    Cheers, Kerryn

    • “Blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between”, except I don’t agree at all, blue and green look lovely together!

    • Let me know if you decide to start one!

      • Will do – it might be a while, though, as I’m still working on the Jubilee scarf which is taking rather a long time, and then I want to do a ‘proper’ version of “Cotton Seeds”, plus I have orders for 2 pairs of mittens!

      • I’m tempted but the sky scarf is already quite a commitment too!

  2. what a lovely idea…

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