The Prime Minister likes to knit

for day 15 of blogjune


It seems that after a tough day in Question Time, the Prime Minister likes to knit.

I wonder what she’s working on now?

(She isn’t on Ravelry, I checked.)


3 responses to “The Prime Minister likes to knit

  1. I used to be part of a knitting group that met at an international hotel in Sydney on Thursday evenings. It just so happened that Julia Gillard when in town for meetings stayed at this hotel and we would see her and her minders arrive on a regular basis. I took it upon myself to contact her office to invite her to join us one evening, just for a chat and meet the people kind of thing. At this stage we did not know she was a knitter. To my surprise, her office responded rather promptly – i thought they may have thought it was a joke. At our next meeting one of her people approached me and confirmed that Julia would in fact like to join us. I was told it would probably be the next week or one after. Unfortunately for our knitting group, the next week saw Julia replace Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. She never made it to our knitting group although we did entertain the idea of our future knitting meet-ups being held at the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence… 😉

  2. Noooo! Knowing she likes to knit just softens my stance on her, DAMN YOU *wink*

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