On the needles: Dog walking scarf

a knitting update for day 10 of blogjune

I went to the Cleg’s sale back in January and picked up three skeins of Rowan Renew yarn. Renew is a wonderful yarn, full of character and made from 93% recycled wool. It’s a fairly chunky yarn and the colour names are kind of rough and chunky too! How about Digger, Diesel, Truck or Tractor? I chose Lorry, a charcoal heathered grey with just a hint of blue.

I had in mind some slippers for winter, the Japanese “Mountain Form” slippers,  which is a Japanese pattern translated by Jun Miyamoto. Unfortunately the Renew yarn was a bit  too heavy for the slippers, so I picked up a couple of extra skeins and started instead on a cable scarf.

The aptly named “Dog Walking Scarf” by Irishgirlieknits is a softly cabled scarf, designed for a slightly thicker yarn than I’m using, but I think it’s working out quite nicely. Certainly should be good for dog walking.


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