memory shawl

for day 7 of blogjune

After my Dad died earlier this year I wanted to make something for his wife Gay, something comforting to remind her of him and something that might feel cosy in a lonely moment.

I had to ask Gay what Dad’s favourite colour was (strange that I never knew… turquoise) and what her favourite colour was (she likes neutrals) so I went looking for a pattern and yarn before deciding on my old favourite, Rowan Felted Tweed.

The colour is Camel, a beautiful neutral pale brown with tiny flecks of turquoise, almost hidden but still there.

For the pattern I’ve settled on the Hypoteneuse shawl designed by Ann Hanson, it’s quite simple with just a little lacework for interest.

“This generous shawl or scarf knits up quickly into a lightweight, warm garment meant to be wrapped several times, replacing the need for a bulky jacket.”

That sounds nice and comforting. Haven’t started yet but I’m planning to have it finished in time for what would have been Dad’s birthday in October.


4 responses to “memory shawl

  1. What a lovely thought! I love the felted tweed colours – it’ll be a great yarn for that pattern.

  2. What a moving and lovely way to remember your dad and support his wife. A beautiful yarn choice, too — I love working with it.

  3. That’s an incredibly special and moving gift, which will I suspect be a gift for both of you in some ways. Hope it’s a wonderful journey and condolences on your loss.

  4. that is going to look lovely Tony – great thought and special gift to you both actually.

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