Potato cheese tortillas

a recipe for day 5 of blogjune

The filling for these is based on a recipe from an old Moosewood cookbook for empanadas. I love reading through those books over and over again, it’s like travelling back to student days (without the horrors of the share houses!). We like to make this with corn tortillas, but I’m sure wheat tortillas would work fine too.

To make the filling, roughly dice 3-4 medium size potatoes and steam for 20 minutes. I always steam potatoes for mashing now, less danger of soggy, waterlogged spuds. While the spuds are cooking fry some chopped onion, red and green chillies and at the end toss in some garlic and cumin seeds.

Mash the potato and while it’s still warm, stir through half a pack of light cream cheese. The cream cheese will begin to melt as you mix it with the hot potato. When it’s mixed through add a good handful of tasty cheddar cheese and your onion/chilli mixture. Spread the cheesy potato over half a tortilla, fold over, and shallow fry in a heavy fry pan.


5 responses to “Potato cheese tortillas

  1. Dear lord those look/sound phenomenal.

  2. Wow – I’ll definitely be making these! They look delicious

  3. I am sooooo making these!

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