Day 1 of blogjune

It’s the first day of winter today but it was delightfully sunny so I went for a lunch time stroll to the community gardens behind Glenferrie Oval. There were just a few bare patches but most of the gardens were still bursting with vegetables.

Our vegetable garden, on the other hand, is looking a bit sad.

We do have some seedlings coming along for red and yellow leaf lettuce and two types of silverbeet, but the only plants we have to harvest are a couple of silverbeet plants still going strong from spring. This is a Digger’s Club variety simply called “Green Silverbeet” with deep green leaves and pale green stalks.

We’ve harvested a bunch for a cheese, walnut and silverbeet pie for tonight’s dinner.


One response to “Silverbeet

  1. foreverawkward

    How lovely to still be harvesting from a spring plant!

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