Knitting through chaos

We’re in the middle of house renovations here at the Bonito Club and currently there is no bathroom, toilet or laundry. Best not to ask about the gory details.

Luckily Willy is making sure to keep a close eye on what the builders are up to.

Here is the bathroom a few days ago with no bath, no shower, no wash basin and no floor! We’re just trying to think about how wonderful it will be when it’s finished.

Through the worst of the chaos I started knitting a cardigan in Peace Fleece Worsted, a robust charcoal grey tweed with flecks of brown and green. It’s quite stiff when you’re knitting, but my swatch softened beautifully when I washed it.

Unfortunately, half way up the back of the cardigan I realised it was turning out just a bit small and I didn’t have enough yarn to go up a size. A cardigan really needs to be a little bit slouchy I think, so it wasn’t going to end up as the cardigan I wanted. On the other hand, I reckon a man’s vest looks better when it’s a bit snug, so I’ve started over on the “Textured Vest” from Erika Knight’s Men’s Knits.

The pattern — which has been in my queue for years — suggests Rowan Summer Tweed, which is lovely, but the cotton/silk blend makes it a bit difficult to get a neat finish in my experience and the vest design has columns of ribbing up the sides and around the neckline which would have been tricky. Peace Fleece comes out at the identical gauge on the same needle size and is turning out to be an excellent substitute.

I’ll keep knitting through the Eurovision final tonight… I snapped the pic below of the astonishing singer for Albania from the first semi final and we’re looking forward to seeing her again in the big show tonight, although it’s looking like Sweden is this year’s favourite. I hope I don’t get too excited and drop a stitch!

I have to say though, none of the 2012 Eurovision songs are a patch on Nina from Serbia’s Čaroban from last year – magical!


2 responses to “Knitting through chaos

  1. Hope the ablution block is back in order soon! We did without a loo for a few days – porta potties are good but yeah… bit “gory”- and were glad to get the throne back ;-P

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