Off the needles… Striped scarf and green tweed jumper

Finished! The simple striped scarf in Rowan Baby Alpaca is from Erika Knight’s book Men’s knits.

Debbie Stoller says you should bind off loosely, as if you were a bit drunk after a couple of drinks (which sounds just a little bit dangerous as I get squiffy after one light beer) so I thought I’d try Erika Knight’s tip of going up a needle size.

The scarf is knit long ways on a 4.0 mm circular needle so I used a 4.5 mm needle for the bind off. This worked out quite a bit better than my usual bind off, but it still pulled in a little so next time I might even try going up two needle sizes.

It isn’t mentioned in the pattern but if you want all the purl bumps in the colour changes to show on the “wrong” side you should make sure you have an even number of rows in each colour sequence. I actually quite like the “wrong” side too.

I’ve also been wearing my green tweed jumper this  past week. It really is perfect for autumn days when you don’t want anything too bulky, but when the temperature can suddenly take a cold turn. The 25% alpaca in the Rowan Felted Tweed adds just enough toasty warmth even though it’s quite a light fabric.


One response to “Off the needles… Striped scarf and green tweed jumper

  1. Love your classic no fuss jumper. And Rowan Felted Tweed… Yum. It really is so soft and warm without being heavy. Was having a look at some the other day in a dark blue but just couldn’t justify buying it (as lovely as it is). I have so much yarn in the stash to knit up as it is. If i stick to my yarn diet a bit longer, this will be something to look forward to as a reward. 😉
    (i’m really not that disciplined…)

    PS Quite partial to a striped scarf too 😉

    Happy knitting 🙂

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