On the needles… stripes and cables

I’ve got a couple of scarves on the go at the moment featuring stripes and cables. Just as well it’s getting cold now, perfect weather for wearing a chunky scarf while walking the dogs or waiting at the tram stop.

The striped scarf was actually almost finished but I duffed up finishing the last stripe and, in trying to fix it, managed to make it a bit worse.  So… I ripped out the last blue stripe and now I’m waiting for another skein of yarn to arrive in the post so I can finish it properly.

This is Erika Knight’s garter stitch striped scarf knitted longways in ever so soft Rowan Baby Alpaca DK yarn. The pattern is from Erika’s book Men’s Knits, the first knitting book I ever bought. It’s a very simple design, but I think the long stripes look very stylish and gentlemanly. This design really is all about the yarn.

The colours appear solid but with a very subtle heathered effect when you look closely. This might be the first pattern I’ve done using the recommended yarn, although my colours are a little different: dark grey Lincoln and palest grey Southdown set up off by a really saturated Electric blue.

Speaking of striped scarves, my 2012 sky scarf project is still going, and as we’re nearing winter there are some lovely soft white and cloudy grey stripes appearing.

While waiting for my skein of Rowan Alpaca to arrive so I can finish the striped scarf, I started on another scarf using Rowan Renew that I bought at the Clegs sale after Christmas. It’s a beautiful chunky textured yarn from Rowan’s natural Purelife line, made from 93% recycled wool.

I’d bought it with another idea in mind that didn’t work out, but I think I’ve found a good match with a chunky soft cabled scarf pattern, the Dog Walking Scarf by Irishgirlieknits.

The pattern was designed for Rowan Plaid, now discontinued, but although the Renew isn’t quite as bulky I think it’s a good substitute. I do like the slate grey colours with just a hint of blue in the colourway Lorry.

And, for a possible future sewing project, Wayne found several metres of this fab retro fabric featuring vintage cars, penny farthing bicycles and Edwardian ladies playing croquet! Curtains or cushion covers?

There was also another retro design but it was a hunting theme and I don’t think we want curtains or cushion covers covered in dead ducks.


5 responses to “On the needles… stripes and cables

  1. Those scarves look great. Love the colours and the chunkiness of the dog-walking one.

    • Thanks Lilian, I’m glad I found a pattern to suit the yarn, which I think it does, I always get just a little bit panicked when I have a stash of yarn that I don’t know what to do with!

  2. So wishing I was in the southern hemisphere and experiencing winter. The fabric is fantastic — the texture under the print reminds me of some sofa pillows at my grandmother’s.

    • It’s been very grey here for the past few days but today we have brilliant blue skies and sunshine, but with just enough chill to wear a scarf too. Perfect!

  3. Oh, wow. Love that cabled scarf, and the retro print. Can’t wait to see what you make with the latter!

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