Sweater surgery

I’d hoped to have my Tony Bonner jumper all finished over Easter but I didn’t quite make it. I do have the shoulders and armhole seams finally done but, gosh, set-in sleeves take a long time to get right! I should remember this the next time I’m trying to decide between a pattern with set-in sleeves and a raglan design.

Seeing the finish line probably caused me to rush the collar too. After joining one shoulder seam, the pattern has you knit a 2-inch neck band back and forth, then you seam the other shoulder before folding the neckband and stitching it down so you end up with soft folded collar ribbing. In what turned out to be an unwise whim, I decided to just bind off after an inch for a single ribbed collar.

It was only after I’d seamed the other shoulder and joined the sleeves that I realised it looked a bit rubbish. The bound off ribbing made the neckline just a little bit too snug too. My head could fit through, but only just.

It would have been a huge job to unpick all the seams and I was worried the neck might get stretched in the process, so in one of those *gasp* moments I snipped the stitches at the top of the collar ribbing and ripped back a couple of rows, snipping the ribbing seam row-by-row as I went.

(At this point, wondering whether I may have made a horrible mistake, but realising that there was no turning back, I paused for a cup of tea before ploughing on… )

I was feeling a lot better after I’d picked up all the neckline stitches on a small gauge circular needle. Phew… then I just had to transfer the stitches to a 3.25 mm circular needle and continue the ribbing for 2 inches before folding over and stitching down as in the pattern. I wish I’d done this in the first place, it looks a lot better and the opening is now stretchier too so I won’t need to worry about getting my head stuck when trying to put it on!

After that, as it’s the last day of my Easter break, we decided to head over to Sydney Road to stock up on Italian groceries at Mediterranean Wholesalers and also popped over to Spotlight where I scored an amigurumi kit for a little bear with a natty red scarf. I’ve been wanting learn crochet for a while now, so I now have a reason to start!


6 responses to “Sweater surgery

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product of the sweater! That green is lovely and looks extra cozy. Knitting stresses me out and takes too long, so kudos to you =} Good luck with the bear, he’s very handsome looking!!

  2. Thanks Jenna, hopefully pics of the sweater next weekend!

  3. I bought an a similar amigurumi kit of a doll for my daughter, that I am halfway through- they’re really fun to do. Looking forward to seeing the jumper!

  4. The sweater is going to be amazing, so I’m sure the work was worth it. ^_^

    That’s a pretty cute bear! I’ve never done any of those kit animals, but the boxes make ’em look pretty neat!

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