Stash stocktake

I’m done on the second sleeve of my Tony Bonner jumper, it’s now drying after a gentle wash before I start to do all the seams. While waiting for it to block and dry I decided to go through the yarn stash and took some photos so I could update my Ravelry stash page and plan what to do next.

I have completely the wrong personality to have a large stash, I get just a little bit overwhelmed about what to do with too many choices, so I’ve been trying to use some of it up this year before buying anything new. Here’s what I’ve got at the moment…

There are two balls of Rowan Renew that I got at the Clegs sale after Christmas, bought to make some Japanese style slippers, but I really should have bought a third skein and I might not have enough so that might have to wait for another idea.

I have a definite project in mind for the three balls of Rowan baby alpaca: Erika Knight’s “Striped Scarf” from her Men’s Knits book, the first knitting book I ever bought, before I could even knit! There are also six skeins of tweedy grey Peace Fleece for a jumper or cardigan. This is the same yarn I used for my dad’s socks, and I loved it so much I ordered some more.

Four skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in royal blue Almanac (for a scarf?) and a jumper’s worth in tweedy pale blue Faded Quilt, but I haven’t found the right pattern yet. I think this yarn deserves something special. I got the two skeins of Noro Shirakaba for a Stephen West’s Purl Ridge Scarf.

The Purl Ridge Scarf looks like a quick project and the silk, cotton and wool  Shirakaba yarn should make a perfect scarf for walking home from the station on chilly autumn evenings. So I decided to cast on this afternoon…

…and the next day, it looks like two skeins isn’t quite enough. It’s beautiful yarn though.


6 responses to “Stash stocktake

  1. Oh Lord!
    I now feel like the evil stash monster…

    • Are you a stash kind of guy, or do you buy yarn for projects as you go?
      Oh and, darn it, looks like I don’t have enough yarn for the purl ridge scarf either! The Noro Shirakaba is lovely though 🙂

  2. I’m a bit embarrassed to say… Yes i do buy for specific projects, and then i also buy yarn simply because i like it (more of the latter to be honest). Colour, texture, touch… I’m just drawn to yarn. I’m a bit like a kid in a candy shop. I like it when I see a project and can just go to the stash and pick out a yarn. But then get frustrated when i have a yarn i’m dying to use but can’t think of what to do. And then there are times when i have bought a yarn with something in mind and then change my mind… Hopefully the project/stash question sorts itself out in the end. Although i am on a bit of a yarn diet this year in an attempt to use up some of my stash. 😉

    Shame about the purl ridge scarf… but i’m sure another project will emerge eventually. In the meantime enjoy looking at the yarn. I have a saying: “Why spoil a good skein of yarn by knitting it…”. 😉

    • Sounds like we’re a bit the same! My partner lost his job a few months ago so I am officially on a yarn diet too, but I think it’s a good opportunity to use up some of what I’ve got.

      “Why spoil a good skein of yarn by knitting it…” Excellent advice!

  3. Oh, you’re so going to love knitting with Shelter. I keep my stash small, too — mostly because I tend to work from pattern to yarn rather than the other way around. I have to know what I’m going to knit before selecting yarn. Usually. Your photographs of your knitting — and stash — are beautiful!

  4. Thanks Steven! I’ve already knit a scarf in Shelter, it’s very nice indeed, a souvenir of our trip to New York back in 2010. And then I went and bought some more online…

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