Ravulous – a Ravelry app

Ravulous is an Android app that lets you view and edit your Ravelry projects, queue and stash on your phone. I’ve seen comments that you can look up patterns too, but I haven’t worked out how to do that yet. Anyway, I reckon this might be the best $1.54 I ever spent.

Now I can add my working notes to a project in Ravelry, like calculating row counts, and check and update them anytime on my phone. Great for lunch time knitting in the park, and hopefully this should work out a lot better than writing things on bits of paper which always seem to disappear at crucial moments.

And now, when I see some great yarn in a yarn shop I can check my queue to see if it might be suitable for a project I have in mind and work out how much I should buy. I’m sure there are more uses I haven’t thought of yet.

There’s a Ravulous group on Ravelry too so you can keep up to date with developments and ask for new features. I also have the developer Polly McEldowney’s free knitting row counter app County and I’m thinking of investing another $1.54 in the paid version  CountyPlus because it integrates with Ravulous and lets you keep track of multiple projects. There have been a couple of times I haven’t been able to start on a project because both my counters were spoken for. For more info see Polly McEldowney’s apps page on Google Play.

One of my Twitter knitter pals is after something similar for iPhone and we  haven’t been able to find one yet, so do let me know if you’ve found something, or any other neat knitting and crafting apps!


3 responses to “Ravulous – a Ravelry app

  1. awww, what a lovely post, thankyou so much! it makes me so happy to think that my apps are helping faraway knitters!

    fyi, to search for patterns in Ravulous: hit the menu button on the home page after logging in, or use the hardware search button if your device has one.

    sorry but there’s no Ravulous / County for the iPhone for reasons i explained in this post: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/ravulous/1984243/1-25#19 – I’m sure there is other crafty iOS-based appy goodness out there though!

    do please let me know if you have any ideas for improvement / feature requests for Ravulous or County Plus, I am still actively working on both apps.

    ps. NICE SCARVES! ❤

    – Polly

  2. Oh Polly, thanks so much for your comment and for the fab app!

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