Retro knits!

Oooh, Wayne got me a present at the $5 discount bookshop…

I’ve seen some of these vintage patterns on eBay, like that 1960s men’s jacket from Columbia Minerva at the bottom right corner.

There are quite a few decent men’s designs, including a great 1960s cardigan. I haven’t knitted a cardigan yet but it’s on my list of things to do.


10 responses to “Retro knits!

  1. Fabulous. I recognise the cover for the Mohair hand knits – my mother had it. I wish that I had kept all her pattern books but I still have some of her knitting needles.

    • Oh Kerryn, knitting with some of your mother’s old needles would be a lovely connection… do you knit? I’m not sure if I’ve ever asked.

  2. Oooh! Which $5 bookshop!? I’d love a copy! I’ve already bought all of the ones I wanted from the one across the road from Morris (unless it’s the same one and they have new stock….)

  3. This is an excellent book, my in-laws got me this a few years back. I’ve made the Argyle socks and the Men’s Heavy Gloves patterns from it. Can’t wait to see the cardigan you make. Do it!

    • Thanks Steven, I’ll have to check your projects page to see those! Definitely planning a cardigan for this year.

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