Sky scarf update

This is my sky scarf from New Year’s Day right up to my birthday a few days ago.

There’s been quite a lot of blue, it was certainly a perfect blue autumn sky the day I took this photo, but we’ve also had some overcast days recently.

Luckily my skein of a new colour “Clay” arrived just in time, white with flecks of grey and blue.


5 responses to “Sky scarf update

  1. This looks so great! I love it! I might start a sky scarf now that all my big-time-consumers are out of the way!

    On your edges, are you just knitting to through, or are you slipping a stitch to get a smooth edge?

  2. Thanks Raynie, you **MUST** do a sky scarf!! Just find some lovely blues and greys and pick a day to get started! Unfortunately can’t slip the stitches because with two strands of every colour I’m carrying about 10 strands of yarn up the right side so I’m using Maggie Righetti’s fab technique for smooth edges…

    Knit the first stitch normally, it will look a bit crappy but don’t worry. Then insert the needle in the second stitch but don’t knit it yet. Give the yarn (also the carried yarns) a little tug which tightens the first stitch, then knit it as usual. Neat edges!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Your sky scarf looks fabulous!

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