Socks to wear while watching TV in winter

That’s these…

Socks to wear while watching TV in winter

…or rather this, since there is currently only one.

I’ve used Noro Silk Garden once before, for the stripes in my Turn-a-square hat, and this Silk Garden Sock yarn is just as nice. It’s quite substantial for sock yarn and the colours are just wonderful, colours you think couldn’t possibly go together, but do! I don’t mind the papery texture at all, which I guess comes from the silk, and I love the thick and thinness, it’s always a surprise seeing what the next bit of yarn will be like.

I’d got most of the foot done when I realised that I might actually run out of yarn! So have beaten a strategic retreat and ripped out the heel so I can reduce the leg by an inch or so. I don’t really mind, I still get a tiny thrill turning the heel.


5 responses to “Socks to wear while watching TV in winter

  1. I know that one day i am going to have to sit down and work out how to do socks. Just haven’t quite yet crossed that hurdle. I love the random striping of Noro. A friend of mine has knitted a few pairs with Noro, and i just look on with envy. I also liked your Man Socks. I have some grey hand spun and have approached a friend who knits to commission to do a similar pair for me in the meantime lol.
    In the meantime, loving your latest pair – happy progress 🙂

    • Lee, you really must knit some socks! It’s actually quite simple and perfect for putting in your bag for some lunchtime knitting in the park. And doing the heel turn is quite magical.

  2. YUMMY!!! They’ll be perfect when you put your feet up, I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing them as much as your tv programs!!!

  3. Beautiful. The colours are gorgeous.

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