my first Flickr photos

1. Poster pals

Flickr has a birthday meme going asking you to tweet a link to  your first ever Flickr photo using the tag #firstflickrphoto.

Here’s mine… I’d almost forgotten about this!

I was waiting for Wayne outside Tower Records in Kyoto and spotted this adorable bunny and pooch on a poster. Aww…

So then I thought I’d take a stroll back through my first five Flickr photos. These are all from our trip to Japan and Hong Kong in 2005…

2. Snoopy's World

If you take the train out to Sha Tin in the New Territories of Hong Kong there’s a shopping centre called New Town Plaza among the high rise apartment towers with a Peanuts theme park up on the roof called Snoopy’s World. Even better, it’s free, although you’ll need to buy something from the shopping centre and have a receipt if you want to go on the boat ride. We went down to Marks & Spencers and bought some chips.

3. Panda ice cream cakes

Arumado in Harajuku serves these panda-shaped cakes with a scoop of ice cream inside. The girls who work in the shop also wear panda ears and to drum up business they sometimes put on a puppet show out front, complete with music and choregraphy! Astonishingly, around the side of the shop there’s a lift that you can ride down to a gift shop in the basement.

4. Me and big Totoro!

Also in Tokyo is the Ghibli Museum, based on the animated films of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. If you plan to visit, and you really must, make sure you organise tickets before you get there because it’s booked out months in advance, and deservedly so. It’s such a special experience.

You can’t take photos inside the museum, but I did snap this photo of O-Totoro in a make believe ticket office out front.

5. Bunny in Kyoto

There are lots of little lantern lit lanes with bars and restaurants in the Pontochou district in Kyoto. This little bunny was up late, although I’m not sure what he’s advertising.

So, what was your first Flickr photo?


4 responses to “my first Flickr photos

  1. Nice post Tony. I’ll have a look at mine later!

  2. TOTORO! So jel!

    Love these pics, Tony, they’re just beautiful. ^_^

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