A tale of two scarves

It’s been horribly hot here but there has been quite a bit of knitting stuff going on (including a fab vintage knitting pattern score which I’ll post on soon!). But as for actual knitting, I’m about half way done on the Antlers Scarf, a wonderful design by Micah Dammeyer that is featured in Debbie Stoller’s Son of stitch’n bitch, and which I’ve been meaning to knit almost since I first learned to cast on.

There’s quite a lot of cable action going on to produce the antlers design, but I’ve finally got the pattern repeat sorted in my head and I’ve been trying to do at least one 8-row repeat most days.

The yarn is Artesano Aran, a 50/50 blend of wool and alpaca so this is going to be super warm for next winter, and the colourway is Birch, a solid natural colour but with plenty of character. I love the yarn and I reckon I’ll be using it again.

I also finally got hold of the extra yarn I needed to get going on my 2012 Sky Scarf, a conceptual knitting project by Lea Redmond.

“Sky Scarf” documents the weather outside your window. Each day you will knit a stripe in colors that match the sky. It will be lovely to see our different climates create different scarves!

I already had some Rowan Felted Tweed in “Maritime”, the colour of a clear sunny day, and some “Dragon”, the colour of a thunderstorm, and now I’ve added “Scree” a pale blue-grey, the colour of an overcast sky, and “Duck Egg”, a softer wintry blue, and sadly discontinued so I’m glad I was able to track some down. I’m knitting with two strands of yarn held together so I can blend more colours, like Maritime and Scree for bright blue sky with clouds.

I’ve been keeping a diary of the weather since New Year and spent the weekend catching up…

Oh, and a trick for working out the gauge when knitting with two strands of yarn. Take the regular gauge for the yarn and multiply by 0.72 to give the doubled gauge. That should give you an idea of the needle size to use too.


6 responses to “A tale of two scarves

  1. Nice trick on gauging double strands! Your calculations?!

    And lovely scarves too. I was contemplating taking part in the sky scarf KAL but didn’t get organized… so I look forward to enjoying yours.


  2. Thanks Jules! Sadly I didn’t think up that gauge tip on my own, got it from http://www.fibergypsy.com/common/yarnsize.shtml and it works!

  3. That antler scarf is AMAZING and I so love the idea behind the sky scarf… I wish I was more organised and had joined in. It’s just the cutest idea in the world! ❤

  4. Sky scarf! Sky scarf! Sky scarf! Sky scarf! I wanna do this so bad! But, I cannae until the Loch festival is out of the way (wanna come? Email me! ^_^ )

    • Well you can start any time, more sky scarf pals are always welcome!!
      Hadn’t heard of the Loch Festival, are you making stuff for it?

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